1. no you

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  1. no you

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  2. 咦?

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  3. Do you honestly think you’re fucking funny, fucking with my friends? Seriously, you’re a fucking ugly little cunt mate, and if I ever see you i’m gunna slit your fucking face wide open yeh? You’re a fucking angry little fucking spastic.
    OK, right, let’s, first off, uhh you’re seventeen so you’re not even old enough to be a king, and you annoy people ‘cos you’re a cunt which I totally agree with. So why don’t you crawl back up your mum’s fanny and die?
    Right, I’ll tell you what, you fat little cunt, you’re borin’ you don’t know how to rule at all so go fuck yourself… GO AND CRAWL IN A DIRTY DANK LITTLE HOLE WHERE YOU FUCKING COME FROM, YOU DIRTY DRAGON EATIN’ LITTLE FUCKING SPASTIC.
    Right, OK, the ‘dragon’ comment was probably a little bit fucking over-the-top, but at the end of the day you’re fucking borin’. Every single person who supports you are fucking stupid. They’re fucking ignorant little cunts. And you’re just a fucking retard.

    Jon Snow of The Night's Watch Tweet
  4. Por mi el tema es muy interesante. Den con Ud se comunicaremos en PM.

    bruceKa Tweet
  5. I know you would have been afraid if we met. I’m too hot for you.

    Khaleesi Daenerys Tweet
  6. Then I will put your fucking head on a spike, you little fucking douchebag

    Benethor of House Stark Tweet
  7. I will also take the Iron Throne and nail Daneinyrs when she is my wife

    Benethor of House Stark Tweet
  8. Fuck you Joffrey, right up your ass. You cannot go without five minutes without getting fucking pimp slapped by your own family. After I overthrow you, I will let every person from the Stark family to beat up your ass from killing Ned Stark. I will let the crowd tear your fucking worthless little dick off and your microballs off your scrotum. I will then put you in prison to sit with disease infested rats to congest STDs so can’t have sex with anyone. After four months of this, I will then use Ice to behead you just like you did with Stark. He was the only decent person on that show. Fuck you little dickbag

    Benethor of House Stark Tweet
  9. Fuckin lightweight can’t handle his alcohol

    Braun of House doingwuteverthefuckiwant Tweet
  10. *slow clap*

    Everyman, Everyhouse Tweet
  11. How did you not nail Sansa? pathetic

    everyone of house common sense Tweet
  12. I heard Joffrey was a bitch

    Spider of house woooo you're dead Tweet
  13. I’m pretty sure you died a virgin, nerd

    Colin of house woooo you're dead Tweet
  14. Idt blood coming from someone’s eyes has ever looked better

    MannGarrett of House HELLYEAH Tweet
  15. I hope you choke, fucking prick.

    Holcz of House Finally Tweet
  16. Choke on that you little shit bag! I’m out. (drops mic)

    Sansa of House Stark/Lannister Tweet
  17. I’m going to molest you! You inbred hick! And maybe take the iron throne…

    Trevor Philips of House Philips from GTA 5 Tweet
  18. Eat a gallon of dicks.

    Your penis Tweet
  19. You’re mean!

    Lord Nice of the House Niceness Tweet
  20. joffery actor man, I am seriously worried about your physical well being, one day some crazy guy is going to murder you on the street

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  21. joffrey, you suck the sweat from a dead mans gooch your grace. I want to cut off your nut sack scoop out your tiny balls then strech your scrotum over you danity head like a swimcap right before a I have the mountain cut out your eyes and both he and the hound scull fuck your eye holes in turn ( ONE IN, AS THE OTHER IS OUT, AND BACK AND FORTH!)

    shamus house of balls and shaft Tweet
  22. Wipe that evil smirk off your stupid face, you little masochistic prick!

    Anonymous Tweet
  23. You’re a faggot

    Truth Tweet
  24. If I see you in the street I will totally piss on your shoes if it please my lord. And stick your uncle daddy’s rotting hand up your bloody ass. Douche of the eternity

    Ser James of House Laird Tweet
  25. Batman should of killed you you little shit fuck. I HATE YOU DIEDIEDIEDIEIDIEIDIE

    Maximus of the house of elrond Tweet
  26. I hope your dick gets cut off by your new wife to be and she stuffs it up your ass and all the realm lol at your demise over wine.

    Ser Clark of Guinevere Tweet
  27. Shut your filthy mouth King Joffrey. You cry like a little school girl when you’re slapped in the face or bit on the arm. You are nothing but a lousy inbred asspipe who likes to cause mayhem and destruction. May a dragon blow you up.

    pissed of eddard stark fan Tweet

    Jui Tweet
  29. Fucking woman beater.

    I will unleash five hairy convicts to rape your ass and beat you. I paused Episode 4 of Season II just to say this.

    When they fuck you, they will not use lube. Your asshole will be bleeding after the first man, but they’ll each take you 50 times. Your asshole will now be gaping 9 inches. They will then pour Tabasco sauce down your anus, as a dog bites off your cock.


    Lord Angry McTavish Tweet
  30. Fuck you Joffrey.

    Mitchell McRae Tweet
  31. DOUCHE!

  32. Well… my dear sweet prince… F**K you for all the things you have done! I hope that the white walkers come straight to your door step and eat your sick, black heart, you ungrateful, Dick bag, Ned killing, spawn of incest BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lord Edward of House Romaneno Tweet
  33. Take a pike up the ass fucker

    Kickass of House Asskick Tweet
  34. Mayhaps my liege desires a scepter ramming? If it please you.

    Ser Mike of House Awesome Tweet
  35. How about a lovely skull fuck, your grace

    White Walker Tweet
  36. Dick!

    Anonymous Tweet
  37. Your dad is your uncle? Check. From the south? Check. I think we know what this makes you, Joffrey.

    Sallis, House Wellington Tweet
  38. lol “long” live the king.

    Ash Martell Tweet
  39. I look forward to your demise.

    Tiffany Tweet
  40. Tie him up and let him loose on the eve of his 30th.

    Lucy of House De Jesus, daughter of Juan Tweet
  41. Cercei you can keep him.

    Jaime Lannister the KingSlayer Tweet
  42. I should have pushed that little shit off the bridge when I had the chance.

    sansa Tweet
  43. Get your ass in line you inbred bastard.

    queen_cersei Tweet
  44. Seven hells! PRICK!!

    Anonymous Tweet
  45. You freakin suck man, how could you do that to Ned!?

    Anonymous Tweet
  46. Fuck you! Fuck you HARD like your mom does to your uncle/dad, ohhhhhh what!?

    Ser Mike of House Awesome Tweet